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Hoverboards (also known as swegways or balance boards) are self-balancing two wheeled boards which are powered by lithium-ion batteries and controlled by the rider’s feet.  Celebrities such as Usain Bolt, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Brooklyn Beckham and Ant and Dec have been seen riding their boards, (and in the case of Brooklyn doing some neat tricks), everywhere from the studio to town centre and even on a private jet (Bieber).  So if you want to ensure you are trending right now be sure you get yourself one of these fun and hugely popular boards.   At the moment you can only ride these boards in the UK on private land with the owner's permission, but if going abroad you'll find you can ride them practically anywhere.  Here's some ideas on how you could get the most out of your board.  

Perform Household Chores   Taking care of your chores can be a boring experience ... unless you're on your board! Just try vacuuming whilst on a hoverboard - actually makes the job fun!
Shoot a Short Movie   Getting the right angle for a film shoot is one of the most difficult things you could ever do. A Swegway helps you to solve this problem. All you need to do is to hold the camera and the hoverboard will move towards the source of the action. The camera level will remain steady so you will get the perfect shot. You can also use it for making Instagram or Vine videos.
Ditch the Virtual World and Live for Real    Staying in the house for hours on end staring at a screen is not good for you. When you have a hoverboard you'll love going outside and seeing and doing real things with real people.

At Madfun we only sell fully tested and EU British Standard compliant hoverboards which include an approved UK plug and fuse to prevent accidents when charging. These hoverboards are a 'must have' super-cool and fun accessory for outdoor fun and if you buy from Madfun you know it will be safe, robust and backed by UK warranties. Please scroll down to see our selection of boards.


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