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Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular benefits
A rectangular trampoline has many benefits; it takes up less space in comparison to the oval or round trampolines of the same size. It can fit perfectly within the corner of your garden and is also the traditional shape of trampolines. But the main thing it delivers is performance.

Due to the rectangular shape, the bounce is focused in the middle of the trampoline where there is usually a cross or logo of the manufacturer. Hit that spot consistently and you'll be amazed at the height you can achieve! If you are a competing trampolinist or an acrobat, our range of rectangular trampolines provide the closest thing to a competition indoor trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines do not provide the ‘bounce back to the middle’ effect that round trampolines do and with the law enforcing all trampolines come with safety nets as standard, you never need to worry about the safety of your child. 

Contact Us for advice on selecting the right trampoline for you, or click here for our guide to buying the right trampoline.

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