Action Self Build

We have been retailing these play centres since day one and have built up an in depth knowledge of them. You can benefit from our years of experience in selling, designing and building these play centres, by contacting us now with any specific requirements. Also by ordering through us we can save you money on the best quality wooden climbing frames available in the UK today. The images you see below are from our very own MadFun Mega Climbing Frame which includes the best bits from the Gate Lodge and the Arundel Tower. We wanted to design something suitable for every age group and this is what we came up with. The Gate Lodge provides a great play space for older kids while the traditional slide and swings of the Arundel Tower keeps the little ones happy too !

Please phone us on 0800 652 9992 to discuss your exact requirements

          First job, spread all the parcels out on the lawn and sort the fixings into similar sized screws, nuts etc.          

          Work out exactly where the play centre is going to sit and prepare the ground for it. Level ground and lay sand to ensure a flat smooth base for the play centre.          

  You will find it's easier to build the Gate Lodge on its side, especially as you need to tighten nuts and bolts under the bottom of the floor section.  

  It is now secured squarely with temporary braces to hold it all in place to move into position. It's a good idea to build it as close to the prepared base as possible !  

  This shows the Arundel tower also being built on it's side.  

  Once the play centre is in place you can start adding the railings and the walls to make up the playhouse. You will see the diagonal brace is still in place holding it all in position.  

  If you have bought stairs, these will need to be dug into the ground. Dig two channels and keep the top turf to cover over once they are in place.  

  Here you can see the Arundel Tower going into position and the stairs that have now been buried in the ground.  

....and the finished article


Build Tutorial Videos

These videos have been provided for us by the manufacturers. I hope they help give you a better understanding of what's involved in building an Action climbing frame.