Which Playhouse

So many to choose from, we can help, read the pointers below or call us to discuss on 0800 652 9992 or 01342 833464


We recommend that you measure out the space you would like to put your playhouse in prior to placing your order.  As with most things for the children you can never have too big a playhouse, so we recommend you choose the largest your space and budget can accommodate.



These are classic looking playhouses and come in a variety of sizes to suit your garden.  A few of the larger ones also have an upstairs bunk area accessed by ladder.  Some of these can be painted in the factory and installed for you, making it as easy and hassle free as possible.


These playhouses are on platforms to add an extra dimension to the fun.  Some of these also have a slide to make the exit even more exciting.  These also come in a variety of sizes and price ranges to suit your garden.

Multi Storey

These playhouses all have at least one upstairs level accessed via a ladder.  Kids love to have the upstairs to make the house feel even more authentic when playing happy families!  If you think your children are too young to use the ladder you can always not install the ladder and wait to unveil that surprise when they are a bit older!


These playhouses all have some added fun activity ranging from a slide to a full swing set and slide.  If you are considering swings in the garden why not combine them both for many years of added fun!

Painted Option

Some of the playhouses can be painted in the factory for a professional finish.  You can choose your colour on the individual product page.  Please note the painted option will add time to the delivery date, usually approximately 7 days. 


All our playhouses are suitable for home assembly and come with full build instructions, however if your life is just a little too busy to spend time building a playhouse at the weekend, or you just feel that you would prefer to leave it to the professionals, we can offer installation for some models.  All playhouses need to be on a firm base; it is your responsibility to ensure this is in place prior to any installation. There are several ways to prepare a suitable base, although we recommend concrete.  If you have chosen to have your playhouse installed at the point of order, please note that the installers will only install onto a concrete base. Please see instructions on how to prepare a base.