At MadFun we understand that it can be very confusing deciding which trampoline to buy, there are so many out there – where to start?

There are several things to consider:


Firstly we suggest that you measure the space you have available for your trampoline to ensure that it will fit in your garden.  Once you have measured the space you can decide on which shape will fit best within that space.  We offer 4 different shapes: Round, Oval, Rectangular and Octagonal.


Round trampolines were the original shape for garden trampolines and are still very popular today.  They are designed so that the user is bounced back to the middle of the trampoline, this was designed for safety before the introduction of safety enclosures. 

Oval trampolines were designed more recently and fit really well into lots of UK gardens.  They also have the advantage of having more than 1 bounce area. So for example our most popular size 15ft x 10ft has a separate bounce area at either end which reduces the chances of collision.  It also means that the users can bounce independently.

Rectangular have been designed more recently for gardens to emulate the competition trampolines.  More and more gymnasts and trampolinists are using these garden versions for practice.  They do give a higher bounce in the middle of the trampoline so are suited for users who want to do flicks and tricks.

Octagonal trampolines are a hybrid of the rectangular and round trampolines.  They fit into the same sort area as a round trampoline but they are closer to a rectangular bounce.


Which size should you buy? Well, at MadFun we always recommend you buy the biggest trampoline for your space and budget.  As far as the kids are concerned you can’t have too big a trampoline – trampolining is fun, excellent exercise and will burn off lots of excess energy.


One important thing to consider is the warranties with your trampoline.  It is usually the case that the more you spend the longer the warranties, and therefore life expectancy, you can expect from your trampoline.


We sell a huge range to suit every budget, if you are not sure which to buy please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 652 9992 or 01342 833464 we are always happy to chat through the options.


Are trampolines safe?  Yes as long as only one person is allowed to use it at any time and children are supervised.  You should never use the trampoline when wet and always follow the manufacturer safety instructions.  All of our trampolines meet the required safety standards for the UK market.