Which Swimming Pool?

Above Ground Swimming Pools are a great addition to the UK garden; no digging, no sand and no hassle!  They can be taken down at the end of the season and packed away for next year, or with some designs you can even leave them up through the winter.   But which to buy?


Firstly we do strongly recommend that you measure out the area you want to put your pool to ensure it will fit and make sure the ground is flat and free from sharp objects.  Once you have put it up it’s too late to change your mind!


Which type to go for?

Easy or Fast Set Inflatable Swimming Pools

These are the quickest and easiest pools to set up. Known as Fast or Easy Set, they represent great value for money along with pool ready times in minutes! Just lay the pool out on a suitable flat area and fill with water; the sides will come up as the pool fills – it couldn’t be easier! Sizes range from 8ft right up to 18ft in diameter and in a variety of depths too.  These are great for kids to run and dive into, although our Health and Safety officer advises us not to mention this!

Metal Frame Garden Pools

The Metal Frame Pools are the sturdiest above ground pools on the market.  They can be assembled in about an hour ready for filling.  The frame snaps neatly together without the need for tools or any previous experience.  There is now an even stronger design of metal pool; Intex call their version the Ultra Frame pool and Bestway call theirs the Power Steel frame pool.  The pool should be positioned on perfectly level ground or the pool will not fill correctly; the sides will bow out and the water level will be lopsided.

Oval Framed Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Oval pools come in a variety of sizes.  They are great looking, spacious pools for those that want a bit more than a splash about. These pools represents outstanding value for money as the following items are usually included - cover, ground cloth, pool ladder, external pump and filter and set-up DVD.

Rectangular Metal Frame Garden Pools

The Intex and Bestway Rectangular pools are a great shape and convenient for most gardens. They come in various sizes and depths and, in the larger sizes, are great for those who want to actually swim in their pool.  These frames snap neatly together without the need for tools or any previous experience.  The larger pool packages usually include an external pump and filter, a ladder for easy access, a ground cloth and a debris cover.

Premium Framed Pools

These are the top of the range pools - they are large, super sturdy and come with all you could need.  Please be aware they will take some time to fill.  The Permanent Wooden Frame Pools can be left up all year round with no need to take them down for the winter.